SEO Friendly Copy For Websites

Website content is king for SEO according to Google

website copy, keyword enhanced website copy to improve SEO on small and medium websites Colchester EssexStruggling to write good keyword enhanced copy for your website? Worrying about the keywords you need?  How do you get the best search engine optimisation on-page and how important is on-page optimisation and SEO?  How do you combine Google friendly text with good benefit driven copy that sells your business to customers? These seem like horribly daunting questions but the answers are out there with the Colchester SEO Company.

One of our specialisms is on-page SEO work.  In other words we concentrate on making sure that the content, i.e. the text on your website is the sort of thing Google will be happy with in terms of relevancy and keywords and that it also appeals to your customers and sells your company or service to your potential clients.

It’s particularly helpful if you’re quite computer savvy and are able to set up your own website but you really don’t know where to start on writing about yourself or your company or how to start achieving good SEO from the start.   We charge a competitive fee of £90 per page for 200 to 300 words of unique benefit driven good quality copy (written by a native English speaker in the UK) and keyword researched so that you know you’re targeting the best keywords for your business, and we supply the essential meta data i.e. Title tag and meta description to go with the copy and ALT tags for any images on the page.  This price is based on you providing notes for the original text.  If you want us to research and write your copy from scratch then it’s a bit more expensive at £140 per page.

Naturally, with a little input from you, we do the necessary keyword research to ensure your keyword content is up to scratch, which is incredibly important if you want your website found.  It’s all very well being top of the page for a search but if it’s something nobody is actually searching then it’s pointless.

So if you can’t face writing those pages for your new website, or you’re old website text really needs a bit of a re-boot, then let us do it for you.  Of course we can also design and build a lovely WordPress site for you at a competitive price and the bonus is by doing it through Colchester SEO, we are creating your site with the very best SEO on the site from day one.  We can also refurbish your theme and change the look on your old WordPress site and improve the SEO as well. So a one-stop service for all your website requirements and we’ll maintain it for you too thereafter, for a low monthly fee.

We can also supply articles for your blog or news page at a competitive rate, so just give us a call for a no-obligation chat and some advice on your website.

So for further information on SEO copywriting, SEO services or new or refurbished WordPress sites, give us a call on 01206 530010, 07531166933 or email sue@thecolchesterseocompany for a quote.