Website and SEO Maintenance

Your WordPress website

So you’ve had a WordPress website designed and built and it’s up and running and now you’re wondering if you need to do anything else with it. You might also be concerned that it’s not bringing in the business you thought it would and if the SEO is up to scratch.

Website maintenance for WordPress

Most websites need maintenance and WordPress sites in particular need plug-ins updated regularly, but it’s a good idea to keep an eye on security too.   Aside from that, Google likes websites that are regularly updated so if you think you’re going to get to the top of page 1 by forgetting your website for months or even years at a time, then think again.  One of the best optimisation tricks is keeping a site fresh, adding new content or regularly tweaking the content.

Free SEO Audit for your website

We can assess your site for SEO, carry out any works that need doing to improve the SEO and then monitor it thereafter. Don’t assume that because you’re website is new, all the SEO will be done in the design and build phase.  Most designers are not SEO experts and will only do the basics on your site.  If they don’t offer an SEO or aftercare service, it’s down to you to check out the SEO and make sure it’s maintained properly.

Security is as important as SEO

It’s also not uncommon for an un-monitored site to get hacked so you need to insure that you have the right security in place i.e. a plug in that notifies you if anyone logs in, amongst other things. Some also notify you when plug-ins need updating.

SEO and website maintenance for small businesses in Colchester

We specialise in looking after websites for small businesses and for those who don’t have the skills or the time to monitor their own websites.  Included in our maintenance are some other useful things, like SEO tweaks and checks to ensure that Google crawls your site on a regular basis and doesn’t view it as static and knock it down the rankings.  We also offer a three monthly Google Analytics report telling you how your site is performing, so you know whether it’s working for you or not.

In short our maintenance service offers you everything you need to relax and forget about your website, knowing it’s in safe hands and you won’t disappear off Google, instead you’ll rise slowly up the rankings.  Prices start at £110 per month for a basic package, offering plug-in and theme updates, security checks, SEO tweaks and reporting, we also offer ad-ons like keyword rich news articles and social media updates at an extra cost.

No contracts, no tie ins for our SEO services and no massive monthly charges

There are no contracts so you’re not tied in for months or years.  All you have to do to terminate the agreement is give one months notice in writing from the last payment date.

So if you’re tired of monitoring your site, or you haven’t bothered and are frightened to look, or your worried about how it’s performing, keeping Google happy, and fending off potential hackers, then this might help you out.  For more information on SEO and other services call Sue on 01206 530010 or 07531166933.