How to spot a tall SEO story

If you’re a sole trader or small business on a limited budget and your baffled about all the talk about SEO but want to  get involved in the buzz and feel that your website isn’t bringing in the visitors, do you know where to start?

I would always recommend that you read up on the subject and try to at least get to grips with the basics.  There are loads of quite simple articles online and at least if you know even the basic terms and a little bit about how it works, there is less change of you being bamboozled.   Sad to say there are a lot of people out there professing to be experts in both SEO and all things to do with Social Media but you will only know that they are real experts if you can spot some of “exaggerated claims” that will come your way.

I was in charge of SEO for a sizeable firm with a large website for many years and often had great fun with the people who phoned up telling me that could get us to the top of page one on Google (we were already there for about sixty search terms).  I would ask them how and listen to them waffle on about how they had looked at our code and it needed cleaning up (already clean) and that our site didn’t have enough back links or the right meta keywords etc, etc and then I’d start asking them questions and see how long before they rang off.  Naughty I know but I got fed up with the assumption that they could tell me anything they liked because I wouldn’t understand what they were talking about and was therefore a soft target to sell to.

Over the next few months I am going to be rolling out some useful info to help you sole traders and small businesses get a grasp of how all this works and how you can get control of your own website and do some effective marketing through it.   My website is now operational  and soon you will be able to access useful information on SEO and related matters. 

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