Does your website go all out to sells your products?

Remember your website is a marketing tool and SEO is marketing for websites

Sell your products with good SEO from Colchester SEO EssexEven if you get lots of visitors to your site,  does it say what it should to attract customers to go that step further and contact you.   Remember, marketing is about getting customers to contact you, selling starts when they contact you.  You can’t sell to them if they don’t know you are there,  so your website marketing is very important.  SEO or Search Engine Optimisation should be a fundamental when it comes to marketing your website as it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to do it long-term, but you also need to remember that your website should sell to your visitors when they get to it.   Your website should be easy to find on Google but then once you have the customer there, does it sell your products? So, I am going to give you  the first two points of  a  checklist to think about when you look at your website to see whether you’ve got it right or not.

Get an SEO audit of your website

You need to be honest when assessing your own website and sometimes it’s a good idea to look a your competitions’ websites as well.  You might think they look better than yours but in terms of the basics, they might actually be worse.   I worked on a website that didn’t look particularly good but at its peak, it pulled in 7,000 visitors a month as it was incredibly well optimised and organised.  Saying that it may not have converted those visitors into customers so readily as it had been written in the days when it was common practice just to brag about yourself and in general tell your web visitors how wonderful you are.  Which brings me to No.1 on the checklist.

Sell benefits over features on your website

1. Is your website full of “we”.   If so you need to change this.  You are guilty of talking about yourself and talking at your customers, a bit like the boring person at a party who talks about nothing but themselves and how good they are at everything.   We all hate people like that and we switch off so why talk to visitors to your website (who are in fact potential customers) in the same vein.  Use “You” and speak directly to your customers and about your customers, not yourself.  Your website should give them the benefits of using you and tell them how you can help them.

2. Do you talk about what you offer throughout your website without a thought for how that translates for your customers.  If so you are selling features and not benefits.   Potential customers are not so much interested in what you offer as how it will work for them.  What will they get out of it?  So sell benefits not features.   If you product is different and that difference will give benefits for your customers sell those benefits not the features.

Look out for the next 2 points on the checklist coming up soon.

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