What do people look at most on social media profiles?

Mashable Social Media just carried out a survey using Eyetrackshop to see where the eye goes when people view social media pages.  The results were pretty interesting from site to site and it gives you an indication of what you should pay attention to on some social media sites.

Here is an overview of their findings on Social Media habit

The profile pictures does matter. The site feature that attracted the most attention on Klout, Facebook and StumbleUpon was the profile photo.

Job title was the biggest attention grabber on Linkedin

It got more attention than anything else on the page, even the profile picture.

Who you know gets noticed on Social Media

Even if it’s down to where they are on the page, people do look at the thumbnail pictures of your friends that appear on social profiles. This is particularly interesting to viewers of Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Klout profiles.

The content at the top of the page wins

The further down the page, the fewer people look at it.  This was true on content focused profiles like Pinterest and Digg as well as socially focused profiles such as Facebook.  The effect was less obvious on YouTube and Twitter profiles.

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