Make sure you have the best SEO driven content on your website

It’s not enough to just put any old text on your website as Google is cleverer than it’s ever been and one of the main ways it judges your website is by the quality of the text on each page, it’s relevance, the length and number of pages and the keyword content in those pages. So you not only have to think about selling the features and benefits of your product or services, but you also have to think about things like relevance, readability and keyword content and whether Google likes your content too. You might have the best copy in the world on your site from the customer’s perspective but if Google doesn’t find it, neither will your customers.

You need top quality, keyword enhanced copy for the best SEO

By making sure that you have top quality content on your site, geared to the keywords that suit your industry (properly researched) and taking readability as well as layout, headers, hyperlinks and all the things that Google likes in a text, into consideration, you can put your website ahead of the competition.

On-page is even more important than off-page SEO

So many SEO providers concentrate on off-page SEO but when it comes down to it, content is still king for Google, so you’re seriously missing a trick if you haven’t revisited the actual text on your website for years or checked out if the keywords you’re using are still the best for your industry.

Cost effective keyword enhanced copy-writing for your website

We offer a cost effective copy-writing service geared to the needs of small businesses that enables you to re-write your website over a period of time, staggering the costs and ensuring that you’re content is the very best and not only pulls in customers, but gets Google’s attention as well.

So, whether you’re looking to add pages onto your site or to improve on what you’ve got, give us a call to discuss your copy requirements for your website and start pushing your site up the rankings the way Google wants you to, with the best, relevant, keyword enhanced copy.