Has your website been hit by birds and bears? i.e. penguins, pandas and hummingbirds

Recent updates to Google’s algorithms have hit internet companies as big as Ebay, so don’t feel too depressed if you’re website has seen a drop in traffic of late as you’re definitely not the only one.     The most recent updates seem to have hit sites that haven’t bothered much with good content but relied on poor quality back links and cheats to boost their website traffic.

We use good, sustainable SEO practices only

The Colchester SEO Company has never gone in for that sort of SEO and prefers to optimise clients’ sites based on good SEO practices across the board combined with superb well written keyword enhanced content, strong meta data, alt tags and the page structure that google wants and expects.  This might be a little slower but it’s cost effective, results in steady visitor growth to your site,  with an ongoing improvement in ranking and gets you the right sort of customers with no fear of your website being demoted to page 14 on Google because you didn’t do things properly.  It’s also sustainable.

Black and grey hat SEO practices can hit a site badly

In the last few months we have seen a steady increase in clients whose websites have serious issues, from keyword stuffing and masses of  mirror content to lots of poor quality back links.  Many of these sites don’t even have the basics of good SEO in place and their placing on Google has plummeted losing them valuable business.    Content is easy to deal with and the mainstay of good SEO these days but getting rid of back links that have made Google down-grade your site can prove fiddly and costly.

Solve your SEO problems with Colchester SEO

We do have a way round it though, which is both cost effective, quick and efficient.  So if you’ve seen you’re website traffic plummet and you’re not sure what to do about your SEO, then give as a call on 01206 530010 or email sue@thecolchesterseocompany to find out more.